Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fine day

 Today we went to the park to meet up with our playgroup which we don't get to do very often because we have school on Thursdays. Well today there was a field trip to the botanical garden's (I think) so there was only one other Mom there. (It was nice to see you Luci!) And she had been there for awhile and left shortly after we arrived. Maya and I stayed for a couple hours. She found an older friend to play with. She plays more with older kids because they run all over the place and they tell her what to do. Which is fine to a point. I had to step in a couple times for safety reasons. The other girl's mother was concerned that she was being too bossy but I told her that she was just being the leader and Maya really likes to play with older kids. So she was fine and they were having fun.
Oh, Maya and I ran to the car for a minute and as I was there I saw what I thought was another woman step out of her car, so I looked because I thought it might be someone from the playgroup, Well, I was waaaaaay wrong! It was a man in a wig, getting dressed as a hooker! I kid you not! This guy was in a corset, fishnets, and hooker boots. Whoa! At the park! We went back to the playground before I got to see which way he went but his car was still there when we left. I thought seeing an actual hooker (at the beach parking lot, getting paid by her customer) was shocking!
 Anyways, after the park we went to People's co-op and as we were leaving a cashier told us there was a humming bird's nest in one of the tree's in the parking lot with 2 babies in it. So we went to check it out and of course I didn't have my camera.  I had my camera phone but the pictures came out kinda crappy. The branch was no thicker then a broom stick and the nest with the babies inside was smaller then a tennis ball. So cute. I just hope they are safe because they are in the middle of the parking lot! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweet Success

 I did it! The third time's a charm. I'm sure the first two failures had something to do with the mini muffin pan I used.
 So these are the Cookies 'n cream cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. This book is a must if you are as crazy for cupcakes as I am. I'm thinking a batch a week will do just fine. Plus, I get to share them with friends and watch their eyeballs roll back into their heads. A sure sign of success.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


 Yummy yummy yummy. What do you get when you put a little brown rice and herbs together with a kitchen ballerina, roasted veggies, the king cook (pronounced by Maya), and a sprinkle of cheese?  
 Why the yummiest brown rice pizza ever, of course!
 It was suppose to be vegan but I don't like vegan cheese nor am I vegan so I added a little bit of raw cheddar cheese. It came out delicious and I had fun making it.  VLV baby! Sort of....
 I also made the Sunflower Lentil Pie from VLV yesterday which came out pretty tasty but not so pretty. It looked like mud in a dish. 
 I wasn't that impressed with the recipes at first but now that I'm actually making some the others are looking more tasty. 
 Question. Why doesn't my computer know the word vegan? 

Friday, February 22, 2008


 Maya and I were just about to start painting her socks with puffy paint (skid proof) when I noticed how pretty my fruit table was today. So I took a picture of it.

I remember puffy painting when I was in grade school. I wore a BFF sweatshirt all through fourth grade.  I also remember distant relatives sending me puffy paint sweatshirts when I was fourteen!  14!!  One said Merry Christmas on it or something. Wow. 
Another had my name written across it. I was fourteen.


               As long as they don't end up on my desk, I'm cool.

Friday Dance

 So we started a dance class on Friday mornings and Maya is one of those that won't participate much in the class but will soak everything in and do it later. 
 The class is dance, music and yoga all in one. Really good for her age I think because there's no pressure to perform. We were in our circle today and we all had egg shakers and we were singing Hickety Pickety My Black Hen. The teacher would raise her hand up and we would sing high pitched and she would lower it and we would sing low pitched.
 Well after a few hours of running around after class we came home and the first thing Maya did was sit down and "sing high and sing low" with the hand movements and everything. Then she brought out her drum and was tapping on it singing "te- te- te- te- ta" just like the teacher did in class. Right with the beat.  And now she's actually singing the Hickety Pickety song.
 I'm just so amazed with how much she remembers. I wasn't sure if she liked the class at first but now I can see she's just learning in class and performing at home. Cute stuff. She won't let me video her or take pics though. :( I'll have to sneak them some time I guess.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bubble Girl

 Today after lunch Maya and I shared a sugar cookie that was covered in chocolate. Before she was even done with hers it had melted all over her hands. She got a little upset but I told her to just lick it off. She insisted that she take a bubble bath. Which is fine with me because it's just one less thing I will have to do tomorrow. Anyways, I got a few cute pics of her in the tub. She kept saying she was bubble girl with bubble hands and bubble feet.

Much better

 Well at least these crispy treats came out tasty! Recipe from Vive le Vegan. I was pretty surprised. I didn't think the ingredients would mix well but they did. Rice puffs, almond butter, hemp seed nuts, cranberries, and carob chips. YUMMY!

Monday, February 18, 2008

My cupcakes suck!

 Ok, so I didn't let them bake long enough. Gosh darn it! It was my very first attempt and they came out tasting a little like raw batter. But the recipe book rocks! Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World.  And I don't know how to add those cool little links to take you right there so you will have to look it up yourself!  I am totally determined to be the best cupcake baker ever so I'm gonna try again tomorrow.

Lots of help

  The only reason my house stays clean is because Maya always wants to lend a hand. Even though she's just playing it really allows me to get things done. She's not too big on the whole cleaning up her toys gig,  but if it's later in the evening she'll help.  And when I'm cooking ( or at least trying) she'll find something to do near by, like have a beach party ( as seen in this photo).

Sweet Love

 Maya had a Valentine party for her "friends". Each heart had a treat on it.

I'm Back

 Ok, I'm gonna give it another go. I don't why I gave up so soon anyways. I just thought it was going to take up a lot of my time but it's something I can do when I have the time I go!

         Can someone please tell me how to post a video?!? The upload video thing is not working for me!